Space-saving furniture for studio flats

Very often there is a need to furnish studio flats but always runs into the problem of little space. Night & Day is the solution!
Night&Day offers space-saving furniture for studio flats , great and cheap!

Space-saving furniture for studio flats

The Night & Day company allows you to furnish very small studio apartments with absolute simplicity.

Single bed to furnish studio flats(Link)

The Night & Day foldaway beds are perfect for the case.
They can offer all the comforts of normal beds but once they are finished they can be safely hidden in the wall, obtaining a lot of living space for the day environment.

Single bed closed (Link)

Here’s the sizes:

Width 211cm Depth 25cm Height 114cm
Depth in open bed 94 cm.
Height of bed / floor 47 cm including mattress
mattress width 80cm / 200 / 16H cm

This type of beds is really the best for anyone who wants to furnish their own studio.
It adapts to any type of environment: for students, B & B, hotels and many others.

As for the living room, especially the kitchen, Night & Day offers a wide range of kitchens with dampers
and retractable.


Kitchen for studio flats(Link)

Wide 216cm in plywood, it is one of the superior wardrobe kitchens offered by Night & Day for the furnishing of studios and offices.

It is composed by the kitchen cabinet 154 compact plus the fridge / pantry column or appliances,
with which there is no need for other storage furniture.
It is included in:

  • Hob with two burners in ceramic induction or 4-ring gas
  • Sink a tub with the drain from three
  • Mixer with extractable shower
  • Filtering hood
  • N.03 Upper shelves
  • steel dish rack
  • 140lt fridge / freezer
  • N.01 containing base of two shelves
  • Supporting rod complete with hooks

By contacting the company it is possible to study your own furnishing plan for every need.


All the products by Night&Day are available at www.vivilospazio.com
 or www.vivilospazio.it where you can select the more languages.

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