Table bed By Night&Day

Night&Day offers a unique choise : the table bed.
This is one of the most popular items of furniture, a table that doubles as a bed!

The transformable furniture now is more and more fashionable given its versatility for cramped spaces and ease of use.

Table bed by Night&Day

The Fast Bed or “Fast bed” is a transformable table that, if necessary, becomes a bed in a few moves.
Made of plywood is a table for two people very compact that fits into every room during the day.
At night instead it becomes a real single bed where you can sleep in comfort.

Fast Bed seen as table ( Link al prodotto )

Modern design object suitable for any kind of environment, convenient for tourist residences, university rentals, mountain chalets or guest beds.
It is self-supporting and opens manually with great ease, thus able to completely transform a room from living area to sleeping area.
An optimal solution, therefore, to enrich the space of a house and at the same time do not clutter where space is already restricted.

Fast Bed seen as bed ( Link al prodotto )


Bed size: 195cm x 85cm

Distance from floor : 58cm ( matress included)

All the sizes are adjustable for every kind of need.

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