A 64cm kitchen : Column kitchen

A 64cm kitchen is ideal for those without space in a room, but still wants to enjoy all the comforts.

Presentation of the 64cm kitchen

Break office is the kitchen only 64cm wide for anyone who needs to optimize the space without sacrificing the comfort of the hob.
Designed and produced by Night & Day, it is suitable for office use, break areas, student studios and much more.

Dedicated therefore to rooms where the priority is not to cook but to work and / or study.

64cm Kitchen Open (Link al prodotto)

The kitchen is included with:

  • Two-burner hob in induction or gas glass ceramic cooktop
  • Filtering hood
  • Top shelf
  • 140lt fridge
  • Included in the SECOND FLOOR SUPPORT la.60 × 60 cm pushpull




64cm kitchen Close (Link al prodotto)


It perfectly camouflages with the surrounding environment and is available in any color.

The furniture produced by our company is made entirely of Multilayer Wood to be durable over time and promote the stability of the closing hinges.

Also customizable in size, also available in 60, 94 and 125 cm versions.


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