Beds for unused space

Everyone has some unused space in a bedroom but wants to add another bed or two in that room.
Night & Day has the solution!

Night & Day beds for unused space

A great solution to reuse that little space but leave it still liveable to allow the guest to enjoy its space is a bunk bed.
The problem is that the bunk beds are large and bulky, how to solve?

Beds for unused space :  bunk bed(Link)

Only 94cm wide “the bunk bed wardrobe” occupies the minimum space that was missing for the insertion of the retractable bunk bed.
the opening of the folding beds, when we use only the lower bed, the upper bed can not be seen, covered by the wooden panel which, in the same color of the wall, disappears completely.

So it is excellent to leave the space alive during the day but at night to open and give maximum comfort to guests.

Thanks to the wooden bed bases complete with the bed frame, THE TWO BEDS ARE CLOSED WITH SHEETS AND Duvets without using the straps.

The upper bed rests on the floor without cluttering the sides, the ladder in addition to its purpose serves to hold it firmly to the floor.




dettaglio dell'armadio letto a castello a parete
Bed Closed
dettaglio del letto inferiore del letto a parete a castello
Bed semi-closed

It fits in the limited widths and 250cm long, converts double rooms in triple and quadruple (matched to the double bed) is fine in residences and residences, in the service rooms,
in the convertible studies in the room of grandchildren or boys (for friends see a square and a half vertical) the bunk bed wardrobe also perfect in the boys’ room for them or their guests (pajama party)! in holiday homes etc.


Width 94cm depth 50cm Height 227cm

235cm. open bed depth
135 cm. Height Bed / Floor included mattress
75cm height between the two beds
mattress width 80cm / 200 / 16H cm



So it is possible, thanks to Night & Day you can turn your unused space into a comfortable and practical extra bed for guests !

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