Furniture for residence

Residences for summer holidays or mountain cottages need comfort in little space.
Night & Day offers exactly this! Furniture for residences, holiday homes and much more.

Furniture for residence

Often for residence vacationers you do not need to have a place to sleep but only to spend the day there.
It can happen, however, that for any unexpected event you are forced to stay for the night and have to make do with what you have.

Night & Day instead offers among its many products also the solution to have all the space when needed also having where to sleep if necessary.

apertura manuale nel letto a parete,molto leggera e pratica
Bed for Furniture for residence(Link)



A fold-away, one-and-a-half-bed fold-away bed, standard or custom-made for your environment.

On the front panel of the closed bed you can insert the hangers, the mirror or the blackboard, etc.
Designed and produced by our company in plywood, it also closes with the duvet.






letto a parete , apertura leggera con pistoni idraulici
Bed for Furniture For residence(Link)



Width 128 cm depth 25cm Height 227cm
210 cm. open bed depth
mattress width 110cm / 200 / 16H cm

Width 154 cm
mattress width 140cm / 200 / 16H cm
Height of bed / floor 47 cm including mattress

Customizable sizes
Width 138cm
120cm wide mattress

Width 138cm
130cm wide mattress


It is therefore possible to have it closed during the daily stops and then reopen it during the rare occasions where it is necessary.


All the products by Night&Day are available at www.vivilospazio.com
 or www.vivilospazio.it where you can select the more languages.

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