Compact kitchen 186cm with damper

Night & Day offers a vast range of compact kitchens to furnish small rooms or hotel rooms, student houses and much more.


Compact kitchen 186cm

Compact kitchens are exactly what the name suggests: Kitchens that optimize space for tight rooms.

Explaining better, they are purposely designed and built for those small apartments and / or premises that can not afford, for reasons of space, a kitchen that takes up too much space.

This kitchen is the most requested by superior tourist facilities, university houses, hospital accommodation, guest quarters, companies, offices, private individuals.


Compact Kitchen art.186 (Link)

It is already included of:

  • Two-burner hob in induction or gas-ceramic glass
  • Sink a tub with the drain from three
  • Mixer with extractable shower
  • Filtering hood
  • Upper shelf
  • Steel dish rack
  • 140lt fridge / freezer (inserted in the base underfloor)
  • Supporting rod complete with hooks
  • Included in the SECOND FLOOR SUPPORT la.60 × 60 cm pushpull

The 62 wide column can be completed with the elements of interest

All this takes only 186 cm, but like all the Night & Day items it is modular and can be adapted to suit your needs.


Compact kitchen 186 close



Closed, it is completely camouflaged in any type of environment resulting in an actual wardrobe.


Made entirely of Multilayer Wood is durable and durable.


To arrange the kitchen as a divider of two rooms, we prepare the connections on the left or right side of the kitchen cabinet and with the back completely closed and paneled with plywood suitable to fix panels or mirrors or LED panels of our design and production.






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